Definition of Field mouse-ear

1. Noun. Densely tufted perennial chickweed of north temperate zone.

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Literary usage of Field mouse-ear

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Systematic Arrangement of British Plants by William Withering, William Macgillivray (1837)
"field mouse-ear Chick-weed. Leaves narrow lance- shaped, fringed at the base ; petals twice the length of the calyx. Roots creeping: stems numerous, ..."

2. Familiar Flowers of Field and Garden by Ferdinand Schuyler Mathews (1895)
"field mouse-ear Tne field mouse-ear duckweed. chickweed is one of the commonest weeds which grows by our roadsides in all parts of the country. Prof. ..."

3. The Baptist Magazine by Baptist Missionary Society (1816)
"The field mouse- ear and the water mouse-ear have beautiful blue flowers, with a bright yellow in the centre. The field mouse-car, however, has hairy leaves ..."

4. The East Neuk of Fife: Its History and Antiquities by Walter WOOD (1887)
"Three-leaved Sand- wort (A. trinervis); shady places ; May and June. field mouse-ear Chickweed (Cerastium ..."

5. Rambles in search of wild flowers, and how to distinguish them by Margaret Plues (1879)
"The field mouse-ear (Cerastium arvense) is the handsomest of the family; it has large intensely-white flowers, and its foliage is small and narrow, ..."

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