Definition of Field of operations

1. Noun. A region in which active military operations are in progress. "He served in the Vietnam theater for three years"

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Literary usage of Field of operations

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Dark Ages by William Paton Ker (1904)
"he does not, like Boethius, command the whole field of operations. His religious view of history and his pathetic ..."

2. History of the Grange Movement: Or, The Farmer's War Against Monopolies by James Dabney McCabe (1874)
"How to build Railroads at the Expense of the People—The Public Domain of the Union a rich Field of Operations for Railroad Managers—The first Land ..."

3. Dictionary of American Biography, Including Men of the Time: Containing by Francis Samuel Drake (1872)
"... large field of operations; and in 1865 visited Europe for his health. His book, " The Points of Controversy," displays learning and ability. ..."

4. The Transvaal Outlook by Albert Stickney (1900)
"The field of operations is most remarkable. Especially so, when considered with reference to the military purposes of the South African Republic, ..."

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