Definition of Financial forecast

1. Noun. A forecast of the expected financial position and the results of operations and cash flows based on expected conditions.

Generic synonyms: Forecast, Prognosis

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Literary usage of Financial forecast

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Farm Management: A Text-book for Student, Investigator, and Investor by Richard Laban Adams (1921)
"Objects of financial forecast.—To test a farm by paper methods usually gives exceedingly useful insights as to its financial feasibility, ..."

2. Department of Defense Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program Avip edited by Steve Buyer (2000)
"... the Army requested BioPort prepare a financial forecast for plasma and rabies products which are their commercial products for calendar year 2000. ..."

3. The Control of the Drink Trade: A Contribution to National Efficiency, 1915-1917 by Henry Carter (1918)
"Therefore any financial forecast must be made subject to any such alteration of previous conditions. Subject to these reservations, and they are vital and ..."

4. The Accounting Profession: Appendixes to Major Issues: Progress and Concerns by Donald H. Chapin, Robert W. Gramling (1996)
"89. ...examine a 1-year financial forecast prepared for the independent public accountant. Major Recommendations From 1972 Through 1995 and Actions Taken to ..."

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