Definition of Flannel

1. Noun. A soft light woolen fabric; used for clothing.

Generic synonyms: Cloth, Fabric, Material, Textile

2. Noun. Bath linen consisting of a piece of cloth used to wash the face and body.
Exact synonyms: Face Cloth, Washcloth, Washrag
Generic synonyms: Bath Linen

3. Noun. (usually in the plural) trousers made of flannel or gabardine or tweed or white cloth.
Exact synonyms: Gabardine, Tweed, White
Generic synonyms: Pant, Trouser
Language type: Plural, Plural Form

Definition of Flannel

1. n. A soft, nappy, woolen cloth, of loose texture.

Definition of Flannel

1. Noun. A soft cloth material woven from wool, possibly combined with cotton or synthetic fibers. ¹

2. Noun. (New Zealand British) A washcloth. ¹

3. Noun. (slang) Soothing plausible untruth and half truth, claptrap - ''"Don't talk flannel" [ ¹

4. Adjective. made of flannel ¹

5. Verb. (transitive) to rub with a flannel ¹

6. Verb. to flatter; suck up to ¹

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Definition of Flannel

1. to cover with flannel (a soft fabric) [v -NELED, -NELING, -NELS or -NELLED, -NELLING, -NELS]

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Literary usage of Flannel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Structure of Conflict by Paul G. Swingle (1885)
"The limb will now be tightly encased in a layer of flannel the edges of which ... The flannel along the sole of the foot to within an inch of the stitches ..."

2. Journal of the Statistical Society of London by Statistical Society (Great Britain) (1839)
"The flannel market had been previously dull, and the manufacturers having ... flannel is of various textures. The coarser wool can only be used in making up ..."

3. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: “a” Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature edited by Hugh Chisholm (1910)
"Baize, a kind of coarse flannel with a long nap, is said to have been first introduced ... The manufacture of flannel has naturally undergone changes, and, ..."

4. The Retrospect of Medicine by William Braithwaite (1871)
"flannel AND PLASTER OF PARIS SPLINT. By CHRISTOPHER HEATH, Esq., Surgeon to University College Hospital. Mr. Heath describes a splint recently introduced ..."

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