Definition of Flower people

1. Noun. A youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s; advocated universal love and peace and communes and long hair and soft drugs; favored acid rock and progressive rock music.

Exact synonyms: Hippies, Hipsters
Generic synonyms: Youth Subculture
Member holonyms: Flower Child, Hippie, Hippy, Hipster

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Literary usage of Flower people

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Reading for the Young: A Classified and Annotated Catalogue with an by John Frederick Sargent (1896)
"Little flower people. (b) Fact and fancy about botany. Harris, AB Wild flowers and where they grow. (ab) Herrick, Sophia B. Chapters on plant life, ..."

2. The Silver-Burdett Readers by Ella Marie Powers, Thomas Minard Balliet (1906)
"DAISY'S flower people. nothing dainty faithfully fragrant scarlet tenderly pansies received splendid Daisy had nothing but flowers in her little plot, ..."

3. The Morse Readers; Practical Graded Text by Ella Marie Powers (1902)
"DAISY'S flower people. nothing fragrant pansies dainty scarlet received faithfully tenderly splendid Daisy had nothing but flowers in her little plot, ..."

4. American Primary Teacher. (1897)
"In Mara Pratt's "Fairy Laud of Flowers" and "Little Flower Folks," and Hale's "Little flower people," we find the elementary facts in botany, ..."

5. Publishers Weekly by Publishers' Board of Trade (U.S.), Book Trade Association of Philadelphia, American Book Trade Union, Am. Book Trade Association, R.R. Bowker Company (1874)
"The flower people. By Mrs. HORACE MANN. New Edition. ... "'The flower people' is a graceful Hule book in which the Snowdrops, the Crocuses, the Violets, ..."

6. The Waterboys and Their Cousins by Charles Dickens Lewis (1918)
"Some people think that the Pistil mothers are the greatest of the flower people, hut they can do nothing without us. "If you care to learn more of what the ..."

7. Index Catalog of the Scranton Public Library Authors and Subjects, June 30, 1902by Scranton Public Library by Scranton Public Library (1903)
"Little'flower people. 1887. Ha.41 Half hours in the deep. ... flower people. 1862. Ma.25 Miller. My Saturday bird class. 1893. Mi.12 Miller. ..."

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