Definition of Food colouring

1. Noun. A digestible substance used to give color to food. "Food color made from vegetable dyes"

Exact synonyms: Coloring, Colouring, Food Color, Food Coloring, Food Colour
Generic synonyms: Food Product, Foodstuff
Derivative terms: Color, Colour

Definition of Food colouring

1. Noun. Any substance added to food in order to change its colour. ¹

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Literary usage of Food colouring

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Year-book of Facts in Science and Art by John Timbs (1843)
"... and the quantity of butter that she supplies, would, if weighed, be found equivalent to that contained in her food. COLOURING OF BONES BY MADDER. ..."

2. A Manual of Physiology: A Text-book for Students of Medicine by Gerald Francis Yeo (1884)
"... the latter in the body ; but it probably i* chiefly derived from oxalates being contained in some materials taken with the food. COLOURING MATTERS. 1. ..."

3. Biotechnology of Algae: A Bibliography by Virginia Stone (1994)
"... for extracting the food colouring, .beta.-carotene, from algal cultures. The hypersaline microscopic alga, Dunaliella salina, is grown in 50 ha of open ..."

4. The Life of North American Insects: Illustrated by Numerous Colored by Benedict Jaeger, Henry Canfield Preston (1854)
"... are made acquainted with a class of animals which everywhere surround us, day and night, and which furnish us amusement, food, colouring substances, ..."

5. Annual Chemical Directory of the United States by Benjamin Franklin Lovelace (1918)
"Colouring: Separation and Identification of food colouring Substances. WE Mathewson. Pp. 56. Government Printing Office, Washington. 1917. ..."

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