Definition of Form family

1. Noun. (biology) an artificial taxonomic category for organisms of which the true relationships are obscure.

Category relationships: Biological Science, Biology
Generic synonyms: Family

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Literary usage of Form family

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science by Iowa Academy of Science (1890)
"The yeast-like organisms for which no perfect stage has been demonstrated are grouped in one form family (given various names by different authors) of the ..."

2. The Hindered Hand: Or, The Reign of the Repressionist by Sutton E[lbert] Griggs (1905)
"... should form family ties. So he journeyed along cherishing an ever-increasing attachment, but content for the present to worship her at a distance. ..."

3. Families First: Report of the National Commission on America's Urban FamiliesFamily & Rel (1993)
"The family trend of our time is the fragmentation of this family form. Family fragmentation is a principal generator of our most urgent domestic problems. ..."

4. Friends Intelligencer by Friends Intelligencer Association (1867)
"In Europe, troops of servants are kept in celibacy to wait upon the rich, unable to form family ties of their own. " He that ruleth his spirit is greater ..."

5. The Civilization of Illiteracy by Mihai Nadin (1997)
"... might disappear, we automatically wonder whether the family, as a definable social entity, will survive—and if yes, in what form. FAMILY FAILS? ..."

6. Outlines of Sociology by Frank Wilson Blackmar, John Lewis Gillin (1921)
"Monogamy is the term used to designate that form of family life in which one man and one woman form family relations for life. ..."

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