Definition of Fornenst

1. fornent [adv] - See also: fornent

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Literary usage of Fornenst

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Gentleman's Magazine (1898)
"Noo there was Mrs. Gillespie the widow that keeps the bit grocery shop fornenst the Cross, says she to me ae day, ‘That's a rale comfortable looking seat o' ..."

2. Charles O'Malley: The Irish Dragoon by Charles James Lever, Hablot Knight Browne (1893)
"I'm convenient,' said he, and began dealing out as if there was a partner fornenst him. " When my father used to get this far in the story, he became very ..."

3. The Library of Wit and Humor, Prose and Poetry: Selected from the Literature by Ainsworth Rand Spofford, Rufus Edmonds Shapley (1894)
"... says he, setting it down on the table fornenst the Pope ; "and if you'll jist thry the full ov a thimble ov it, and it doesn't rise the cockles ov your ..."

4. The Popular Poets and Poetry of Ireland: And Choice Selections in Prose from by Richard Nagle (1887)
"What do you think he seen fornenst him, sitting at the other side of the fire, but Father Dwyer himself: there he was, divil a lie in it, wrapped up in one ..."

5. Prose Writings of Bayard Taylor by Bayard Taylor (1865)
"It may n't seem right for me to go fornenst you, bein' so beholden to your goodness, and I wud n't if there was any way to help it. ..."

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