Definition of Free zone

1. Noun. An area adjoining a port where goods that are intended for reshipment can be received and stored without payment of duties.

Exact synonyms: Free Port
Generic synonyms: Area, Country

Definition of Free zone

1. Proper noun. A variety of groups and individuals practicing Scientology independently of the Church of Scientology. ¹

2. Noun. An area within a port where goods may be temporarily stored without paying duty ¹

3. Noun. (context: in combination) An area that is free of some specified thing e.g. a vehicle-free zone ¹

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Literary usage of Free zone

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Investment Guide for Latvia by Centre for Co-operation with Non-members (1998)
"The main difference is that all the Riga commercial port is, at the same time, a free-zone, while only part of the Ventspils port is operating under the ..."

2. Nuclear Legislation: Analytical Study : Regulatory and Institutional by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2000)
"8 of 1987] and the South Pacific Nuclear free zone Treaty Act [No. 140 of 1986] establish the legal framework that is required at a national level by the ..."

3. Treaties and Agreements with and Concerning China, 1894-1919: A Collection by John Van Antwerp MacMurray (1921)
"The free zone remains unchanged as hitherto. 4.—Exemption from duty and other privileges and facilities as enjoyed hitherto by Germany and German subjects ..."

4. Transportation Expressions (1996) by Richard Feldman (1998)
"Inner-Approach Obstacle free zone (OFZ): (See also Inner-Transitional Obstacle free zone, Obstacle free zone, Runway Obstacle free zone) The inner-approach ..."

5. Journal of Morphology by Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology (1892)
"In the rabbit, however, there are only two zones distinguishable, — the zone of the inner portion, fixed to the limbus spirale, and the free zone, ..."

6. Ports and Terminal Facilities by Roy Samuel MacElwee (1918)
"In fact the privileged free-zone warehouse companies of European free ... This would always be so on leaving the free zone, but the entry into the free zone ..."

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