Definition of Future progressive

1. Noun. A progressive tense used to express action that will be on-going in the future. "`I will be running' is an example of the future progressive"

Definition of Future progressive

1. Noun. Future continuous tense. ¹

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Literary usage of Future progressive

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Zulu-Kafir Language Simplified for Beginners by Charles Roberts (1880)
"By placing the above prefixes before the present participle, the neg. of the future-progressive is formed. ..."

2. An Elementary English Grammar: With Composition by Alma Blount, Clark Sutherland Northup (1912)
"Section 3 The future progressive and passive verb-phrases of see follow: FUTURE Progressive Passive I shall be seeing I shall be seen ..."

3. An Advanced English Grammar: With Exercises by George Lyman Kittredge, Frank Edgar Farley (1913)
"Write sentences in which the verb teach is used in the present progressive, past progressive, future progressive, perfect progressive, ..."

4. A Modern English Grammar by Huber Gray Buehler (1900)
"future progressive. He will be calling. Present Perfect Progressive. He has been calling. Past Perfect Progressive. He had been calling. ..."

5. Correct English, how to Use it: A Complete Grammar by Josephine Turck Baker (1907)
"future progressive Tense. Future Perfect Progressive Tense. I shall be seeing. I shall have been seeing. Passive Forms. I am (or was) being seen. ..."

6. A Zulu-English Dictionary with Notes on Pronunciation, a Revised Orthography by Alfred T. Bryant (1905)
"future progressive, I shall be washing. ; Sing, ngo-ba ngi-geza. wo-ba u-geza. wo-ba e-geza, lo-ba li-geza etc. Plur. so-ba si-geza. no-ba ni-geza. bo-ba ..."

7. The Essentials of Language and Grammar by Albert Le Roy Bartlett (1899)
"Their tenses are named present progressive, past progressive, future progressive, present perfect progressive, past perfect progressive, and future perfect ..."

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