Definition of Future progressive tense

1. Noun. A progressive tense used to express action that will be on-going in the future. "`I will be running' is an example of the future progressive"

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Literary usage of Future progressive tense

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Zulu-Kafir Language Simplified for Beginners by Charles Roberts (1880)
"The First-future-progressive tense is much like the Second-future, the only difference being the present participle is used instead of the Perfect tense. ..."

2. Correct English, how to Use it: A Complete Grammar by Josephine Turck Baker (1907)
"future progressive tense. Future Perfect Progressive Tense. I shall be seeing. I shall have been seeing. Passive Forms. I am (or was) being seen. ..."

3. Practical English for Seventh and Eighth Grades by James Witt Sewell (1911)
"The future progressive tense expresses action continuing in future time. The future perfect tense expresses action in future time as to be completed before ..."

4. Correct English and Current Literary Review by Josephine Turck Baker (1900)
"Some grammarians call the form "I shall walk" the future indefinite tense, and "I shall be walking," the future progressive tense. Future Perfect Tense. ..."

5. The Grammar of Present Day English by Carl Holliday (1919)
"The tense that indicates action as going on in the future before some other action or deed is known as the future progressive tense. We may go even further, ..."

6. A Modern English Grammar: With Composition by Huber Gray Buehler (1906)
"The future progressive tense represents an action as going on at some point in future time. It is formed by putting "shall be" or "will be" before the ..."

7. A Modern English Grammar Revised: With Practical Exercises by Huber Gray Buehler (1914)
"The future progressive tense ("shall be writing") represents an action as going on at some point in future time. 203. Phrasal Tenses: Perfect Progressive. ..."

8. English in Service: Book One[-three] by Walter Wilbur Hatfield, Anne Laura McGregor (1922)
"... had written (Action completed) FUTURE TIME Future tense I shall write Future progressive tense I shall be writing (Action going on) Future perfect tense ..."

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