Definition of Galsworthy

1. Noun. English novelist (1867-1933).

Exact synonyms: John Galsworthy
Generic synonyms: Author, Writer

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Literary usage of Galsworthy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Representative British Dramas: Victorian and Modern by Montrose Jonas Moses (1918)
"galsworthy is a writer of power and of distinction. He is, at the same time, a thinker and an artist. Because he thinks in an orderly fashion, ..."

2. The British and American Drama of To-day: Outlines for Their Study by Barrett Harper Clark (1921)
"Since 1906, the date of " The Silver Box," galsworthy has produced in turn ... galsworthy is one of the sincerest and most straightforward of writers; ..."

3. Some Modern Novelists: Appreciations and Estimates by Helen Thomas Follett, Wilson Follett (1918)
"Mr. John galsworthy stands practically alone among latter-day novelists, as the social philosopher who, however often he delivers his one message, ..."

4. Authors and I by Charles Lewis Hind (1921)
"JOHN galsworthy WHEN I close my eyes and recall John galsworthy I see his—smile. It is not an impulsive smile, not the smile that ripples over a face ..."

5. Modern Drama and Opera: Reading Lists on the Works of Various Authors by Clara A. Mulliken Norton, Frank Keller Walter, Fanny Elsie Marquand, Archibald Henderson (1915)
"JOHN galsworthy (1867-) John galsworthy, one of the most interesting and thoughtful English ... galsworthy, John. Plays. 263 p. NY, 1909. Putnam, $1.35 net. ..."

6. The Warner Library by Charles Dudley Warner, Harry Morgan Ayres, John William Cunliffe, Helen Rex Keller, Gerhard Richard Lomer (1917)
"JOHN galsworthy (1867-) BY H. \V. BOYNTON L 3HN galsworthy belongs to the ... In short, John galsworthy, whether as a \\ , verses or of novels or of plays ..."

7. The Advance of the English Novel by William Lyon Phelps (1916)
"... but a reflector—his tales of the sea—his silent women—ethical value of his work—John galsworthy—a satirist—his hatred of British hypocrisy— his mistake ..."

8. Essays on Modern Dramatists by William Lyon Phelps (1921)
"JOHN galsworthy The speed with which John galsworthy climbed from the vale of obscurity to the heights of fame is more than a tribute to his ability; ..."

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