Definition of Gas holder

1. Noun. A large gas-tight spherical or cylindrical tank for holding gas to be used as fuel.

Exact synonyms: Gasometer
Generic synonyms: Storage Tank, Tank

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Literary usage of Gas holder

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention by Mid-West Cement Users' Association, Indiana Electric Light Association, National Bar Association, Western Canadian Immigration Association, Association of Jewish Libraries (1915)
"A prominent engineering writer has recently said that the modern gas holder is "A magnificent achievement in engineering, and one of the wonders of it is ..."

2. Supreme Court Reporter by Robert Desty, United States Supreme Court, West Publishing Company (1887)
"plaintiff tlie expense of labor and material expended by the plaintiff in erecting the scaffolding for the construction of said gas-holder, and that said ..."

3. Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Standard Work of Reference in Art, Literature (1907)
"The turrets contain (1) a gas-holder which SU[H plies gas while the machine is being wound up, should any light be then burning, and (2) a governor to ..."

4. Nature by Norman Lockyer (1878)
"NEW FORM OF GAS-HOLDER VJ AVING found the necessity of a gas-holder which should yield a steady flow of gas and be under control from the lecture-room, ..."

5. A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines by Andrew Ure (1858)
"Upon the periphery of the top, at the end of the rods, several rings are made fast, to which Ihe gas-holder is suspended, by means of a common chain which ..."

6. The Electrical Review (1878)
"To some questions put to him by a gas engineer, Mr. Werdermann aptly compared the quantity of current with the quantity of a gas-holder, and the . ..."

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