Definition of General knowledge

1. Noun. Knowledge that is available to anyone.

Exact synonyms: Public Knowledge
Generic synonyms: Cognition, Knowledge, Noesis
Specialized synonyms: Common Knowledge, Light, Open, Surface

Definition of General knowledge

1. Noun. The wide body of information that a person acquires from education and from life; not all of it has practical use ¹

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Literary usage of General knowledge

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"Without this general knowledge the mere fact of haying a ... significance such a fact must have the light of our general knowledge brought to bear upon it. ..."

2. The Parliamentary Debates: Official Report by Northern Ireland Parliament. House of Commons (1884)
"But unfortunately Parliament has not yet determined that the examination in general knowledge shall not be insisted upon, and that is what I ask honourable ..."

3. A History of Ancient Geography Among the Greeks and Romans from the Earliest by Edward Herbert Bunbury (1883)
"CHAPTER VIII. GEOGRAPHY OF HERODOTUS : AFRICA. SECTION 1.—general knowledge of the Continent. § 1. THE amount of knowledge possessed by Herodotus concerning ..."

4. Critical Miscellanies by John Morley (1904)
"To have a general knowledge of a subject is to know only its leading truths, but to know these thoroughly, so as to have a ..."

5. A Treatise on Human Nature: Being an Attempt to Introduce the Experimental by David Hume, Thomas Hill Green (1874)
"... afford general knowledge. mer of these limitations to real truth we find Locke generally recognising, and consequently suspecting a science of nature to ..."

6. On the Improvement of Society by the Diffusion of Knowledge: Or, An by Thomas Dick (1833)
"... knowledge, and moral principle among all the inhabitants of the earth. SECTION IX. On the Utility of general knowledge in relation to ..."

7. Commentaries Upon Martial Law: With Special Reference to Its Regulation and by William Francis Finlason, Alexander James Edmund Cockburn (1867)
"And as it would be idle to say that the Court were not to use their general knowledge of the fact of history about Hayti, or the general knowledge of the ..."

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