Definition of General ledger

1. Noun. The ledger that contains all of the financial accounts of a business; contains offsetting debit and credit accounts (including control accounts).

Generic synonyms: Account Book, Book, Book Of Account, Ledger, Leger
Terms within: Control Account

Definition of General ledger

1. Noun. (business accounting) The central accounting record of a company or organization consisting of the accounts that support the value items shown in the major financial statements. ¹

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Literary usage of General ledger

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Accounting Practice and Procedure by Arthur Lowes Dickinson (1913)
"The corresponding expense account in the general ledger is a controlling account over this expense ledger or expense analysis book. ..."

2. 20th Century Bookkeeping and Accounting: A Treatise on Modern Bookkeeping by James Williams Baker (1918)
"Amounts paid that affect accounts in the general ledger are entered in the first column, discount on amounts paid creditors, in the second column, ..."

3. Cost Accounting: Principles and Practice by John Packard Jordan, Gould Leach Harris (1920)
"To maintain a subsidiary factory ledger means that there must be in the general ledger a number of main control accounts to give a trial balance which is ..."

4. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1918)
"The profit and loss statement must not be confused with the profit and loss account, which is a summary account in the general ledger, although in its more ..."

5. Auditing: A Practical Manual for Auditors by Lawrence Robert Dicksee (1907)
"Check Summary of Cash to Reconciliation in general ledger and ... Check additions of these books and totals to Reconciliation at end of general ledger. ..."

6. Accounts; Their Construction and Interpretation: For Business Men and by William Morse Cole (1915)
"By this means, with no more labor than that of making one posting, the whole body of customers is represented in the general ledger. ..."

7. Practical Bank Operation by Loyd Helvetius Langston, First National City Bank of New York (1921)
"Subsidiary general ledger The customers ledgers have the same relation to the general ledger as do the descriptive ledgers; that is, they contain the ..."

8. Principles of Accounting by Stephen Gilman (1916)
"Instead they will be kept in subsidiary ledgers controlled by general ledger accounts. Thus, in the foregoing example, the general ledger control might be ..."

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