Definition of Generalist

1. Noun. A modern scholar who is in a position to acquire more than superficial knowledge about many different interests. "A statistician has to be something of a generalist"

Exact synonyms: Renaissance Man
Generic synonyms: Bookman, Scholar, Scholarly Person, Student
Antonyms: Specialist

Definition of Generalist

1. Noun. A person with a broad general knowledge, especially one with more than superficial knowledge in several areas and the ability to combine ideas from diverse fields. ¹

2. Noun. (medicine) A general practitioner. ¹

3. Noun. (ecology) Species which can thrive in a wide variety of environmental conditions. ¹

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Definition of Generalist

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Generalist

1. A general physician or family physician; a physician trained to take care of the majority of nonsurgical diseases, sometimes including obstetrics. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Generalist

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Scientists, Plants and Politics: A History of the Plant Genetic Resources by Robin Pistorius (1997)
"The generalist versus the Mission-Oriented Approach Perhaps the most ... Frankel called this the "generalist" strategy (Frankel 1975:126, 131; 1985:27). ..."

2. The Curriculum by John Franklin Bobbitt (1918)
"Some things can be seen most clearly by the generalist; other things most clearly by the ... As indicated by the width of the bars, the generalist will see ..."

3. Medicare: Focus on Physician Practice Patterns Can Lead to Greater Program A. Bruce Steinwald by A. Bruce Steinwald (2007)
"37 Figure 6: Percentage of generalist Physicians by Their Medicare Practice's Proportion of Overly Expensive Beneficiaries— Baton Rouge, La. ..."

4. Living Longer, Growing Stronger: The Vital Role of Geriatric Medicine edited by Charles E. Grassley (1998)
"In 1992, the AAMC issued a report on the generalist physician that recommended an ... Many of these strategies, repeated from the repon on the generalist ..."

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