Definition of Generalities

1. Noun. (plural of generality) ¹

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Definition of Generalities

1. generality [n] - See also: generality

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Literary usage of Generalities

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Composition and Rhetoric by Alexander Bain (1890)
"The most difficult generalities of all are those that do not at once grow out of particulars, but are compounded of other generalities. A mountain, a star, ..."

2. The Works of Jeremy Bentham by Jeremy Bentham, John Bowring (1839)
"VAGUE generalities — (ad ... Vague generalities comprehend a numerous class of fallacies, resorted to by those who, in preference to the most particular and ..."

3. Bulletin by North Carolina Dept. of Conservation and Development, North Carolina Geological Survey (1883-1905), North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey (1906)
"CHAPTER I. PRELIMINARY generalities. ESSENTIAL QUALITIES OF BUILDING STONE. A stone, in order to be available for building purposes, must exist in quantity, ..."

4. Nature by Norman Lockyer, Nature Publishing Group (1875)
"generalities and assumptions found in"the general run of physical treatises, so that the student is left in the lurch just at the critical moment when he ..."

5. Memoirs of the Duke of Sully: Prime Minister to Henry the Great by Maximilien de Béthune Sully, Walter Scott (1890)
"... goes to visit the generalities— Calumnies of his enemies upon this occasion—His journey of great uue to the ..."

6. A Course in Mathematical Analysis by Édouard Goursat, Earle Raymond Hedrick (1917)
"V. generalities ON THE EQUATIONS OF HIGHER ORDER 93. Elimination of arbitrary functions. The study of partial differentia,! equations of the first order in ..."

7. Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education by National Society for the Study of Education (1908)
"Replacement of items by generalities. —The hopeful progress that school geography has made in the last twenty years is characterized largely by a diminution ..."

8. A History of Epidemics in Britain by Charles Creighton (1891)
"generalities on Medieval Famines in England. Summing up the English famine-pestilences of the medieval period, we find that they included the usual forms of ..."

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