Definition of Genus Catha

1. Noun. A genus of African evergreen shrubs characterized by thick leaves and white flowers.

Exact synonyms: Catha
Generic synonyms: Gymnosperm Genus
Member holonyms: Catha Edulis
Group relationships: Celastraceae, Family Celastraceae, Spindle-tree Family, Staff-tree Family

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Literary usage of Genus Catha

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. United States Government Publications Monthly Catalogue by J. H. Hickcox (1888)
"(Ga.) To construct a bridge over the Oconee river. 154. Lawrence, GN New species of genus catha- rus, 197. Laws. Passed at 50th Congress, ..."

2. The London Journal of Botany by William Jackson Hooker (1842)
"... but the plant to which Loureiro gave that name must, from his description, belong to some totally different genus. Catha monosperma. ..."

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