Definition of Genus Chlorococcum

1. Noun. Type genus of Chlorococcales; unicellular green algae occurring singly or in a layer on soil or damp rock.

Exact synonyms: Chlorococcum
Generic synonyms: Protoctist Genus
Group relationships: Chlorococcales, Order Chlorococcales

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Literary usage of Genus Chlorococcum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Scottish Cryptogamic Flora, Or, Coloured Figures and Descriptions of by Robert Kaye Greville (1828)
"... to the alga colouring the snow, and therefore place the present plant in the genus Chlorococcum, defined at t. 262. Such, however, being the generic ..."

2. Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge by Smithsonian Institution (1874)
"... together before thus becoming quiescent, so as to make little colonies (fig. 5, pi. 7). Genus CHLOROCOCCUM, FRIES. ..."

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