Definition of Genus Stenochlaena

1. Noun. Large tropical ferns; some epiphytic climbers and some terrestrial bog ferns; Africa; Asia; Australasia.

Exact synonyms: Stenochlaena
Generic synonyms: Fern Genus
Group relationships: Blechnaceae, Family Blechnaceae

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Literary usage of Genus Stenochlaena

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Philippine Journal of Science by Institute of Science and Technology (Philippines) (1907)
"Underwood, LM The genus Stenochlaena. (Bull. Torr. Bot. Club. 33 (1906] pp. 35 50.) The entire genus is considered, 23 species being recognized, ..."

2. Botanisches Zentralblatt: Referierendes Organ für das Gesamtgebiet der Botanik by Botanischer Verein in München, Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft, Berlin (1906)
"UNDERWOOD, LUCIEN MARCUS, The genus Stenochlaena. ... A revision of the Old World species of the genus Stenochlaena concluding an extended study of types ..."

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