Definition of Genus maxillaria

1. Noun. Large genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids with persistent leathery leaves and single-flowered scapes.

Generic synonyms: Liliopsid Genus, Monocot Genus
Group relationships: Family Orchidaceae, Orchid Family, Orchidaceae
Member holonyms: Maxillaria

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Literary usage of Genus maxillaria

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Paxton's Magazine of Botany, and Register of Flowering Plants by Sir Joseph Paxton (1839)
"Two distinct modes of growth are observable in the plants constituting the genus Maxillaria; the one with prostrate and the other with ascending ..."

2. The British Florist: Or, Lady's Journal of Horticulture (1846)
"... I can see no reason why they should not divide the whole of the genus maxillaria, and arrange them according to their external habit, which, ..."

3. Exotic Flora: Containing Figures and Descriptions of New, Rare Or Otherwise by Sir William Jackson Hooker (1827)
"The genus Maxillaria has been lately established by Mr LINDLEY, and was intended to include the Dendrobium pal- ..."

4. The Floral Cabinet and Magazine of Exotic Botany by George Beauchamp Knowles, Frederic Westcott (1838)
"... in the structure of the sepals, petals, and labellum, it very nearly approaches the genus Maxillaria, it has the pollinia and ..."

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