Definition of Genus serranus

1. Noun. Type genus of the Serranidae: mostly small Pacific sea basses.

Exact synonyms: Serranus
Generic synonyms: Fish Genus
Group relationships: Family Serranidae, Serranidae
Member holonyms: Belted Sandfish, Serranus Subligarius

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Literary usage of Genus serranus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Library of Natural History by Richard Lydekker (1901)
"The sea perches of the genus Serranus, of which there are an enormous number of species, range through the seas of all the tropical and temperate regions, ..."

2. The Journal of Cancer Research (1916)
"... of recent years become of some importance to research in the relationship of cancer and goiter. The fish concerned are sea bass of the genus Serranus, ..."

3. Austral English: A Dictionary of Australasian Words, Phrases, and Usages by Edward Ellis Morris (1898)
"... G and in New South Wales to st fishes of the genus Serranus. 1 is a genus of the family Gi to ..."

4. Fish and Fisheries of New South Wales by Julian Edmund Tenison-Woods (1883)
"Extreme size about 3 feet, The genus Serranus comprises most of the fishes known as "rock cod." There are many species of it in these seas, and the number ..."

5. Geological Magazine by Henry Woodward (1889)
"... and the recent genus Serranus ranges downwards to the Eocene of Monte Bolca. Of freshwater genera, the common Perca lias a wide range in the European ..."

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