Definition of Genus stapelia

1. Noun. Genus of foul-smelling plants resembling cacti; found from Africa to East India.

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Literary usage of Genus stapelia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The British Florist: Or, Lady's Journal of Horticulture (1846)
"THE genus Stapelia, and its allies, Huernia, ... The entire genus Stapelia are natives of the blowing, sandy plains of the Cape of Good Hope. ..."

2. Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Or, Flower-garden Displayed by John Sims (1816)
"... splendid work on the genus STAPELIA, though published several years ago, owing to the unsettled state of the Continent, has not till very lately reached ..."

3. Favourite Flowers of Garden and Greenhouse by Edward Step (1897)
"genus stapelia STAPELIA (named by Linnaeus in honour of Dr. J. R à Stapel, of Amsterdam ; d. 1631). A genus of about sixty species of low, succulent, ..."

4. The Treasury of Botany: A Popular Dictionary of the Vegetable Kingdom; with by John Lindley (1866)
"It is consequently used to characterise that section of the genus Stapelia which is distinguished by having the staminal corona consisting of five spreading ..."

5. Paxton's Magazine of Botany, and Register of Flowering Plants by Sir Joseph Paxton (1838)
"Although the genus Stapelia has been subjected to many divisions, and although many of the original species of this genus have been referred to other genera ..."

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