Definition of Get the jump

1. Verb. Be there first. "They had gotten the jump on their competitors"

Generic synonyms: Beat, Beat Out, Crush, Shell, Trounce, Vanquish

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Literary usage of Get the jump

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Methods of Teaching: Their Basis and Statement Developed from a Functional by Werrett Wallace Charters (1912)
"The defeated team will try to get the jump the next time they play games. If we appealed to the generic values, we would assume that the mumbling reader ..."

2. Basket Ball by Edwin J. Mather, Elmer Dayton Mitchell (1922)
"If he finds that he is unable to get the jump, then have a good defense against center plays. When the center is on the offensive, the directions given for ..."

3. The Way of the Eagle by Charles John Biddle (1919)
"As an improvement is made, it of course takes tune to supply every one, but the men who get the new type first get the jump on the others, so to speak, ..."

4. What men live by: Work, Play, Love, Worship by Richard Clarke Cabot (1914)
"One of the teams will " get the jump on " the other by being the first to ... You can "get the jump on" another's diffidence if you shoot into his soul a ..."

5. The American Annual of Photography (1907)
"To get the jump at its best is a matter of luck, or judgment— according as to whether it is you or some other fellow that gets it. Occasionally I admire my ..."

6. Fundamentals of Military Service by Lincoln Clarke Andrews, Leonard Wood (1916)
"Try to get the jump on the other patrol. The patrol that is the quicker in this will probably win. It is, however, the most skilfully conducted patrol that ..."

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