Definition of Glandular plague

1. Noun. The most common form of the plague in humans; characterized by chills, prostration, delirium and the formation of buboes in the armpits and groin; does not spread from person to person.

Medical Definition of Glandular plague

1. This rare bacterial infection due to Yersinia pestis. It can cause painful, enlarged lymph nodes, fever, headache and prostration 2-7 days after a flea bite. May also cause pneumonia and sepsis. Transmitted in rodents and humans via an infected flea bite. The incubation period is 2-10 days. Yersinia infection is now rare in Western countries. Third world countries (for example India) can have epidemics of Yersinia. Treatment with antibiotics is necessary or most individuals will die. Even with antibiotic treatment the death rate is 5%. (15 Nov 1997)

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