Definition of Grape phylloxera

1. Noun. Destructive to various grape plants.

Exact synonyms: Grape Louse, Phylloxera Vitifoleae
Generic synonyms: Louse, Plant Louse
Group relationships: Genus Phylloxera, Phylloxera

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Literary usage of Grape phylloxera

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1881)
"ENTOMOLOGY.1 NOTES ON THE grape phylloxera AND ON LAWS TO PREVENT ITS INTRODUCTION.—I have received the following letter from a well-known grape grower of ..."

2. Bibliography of the More Important Contributions to American Economic Entomology by United States Bureau of Entomology, Nathan Banks, Samuel Henshaw (1889)
"Appendix and notes to the article on grape Phylloxera 66 Diagnosis of Phylloxera vastatrix, 66—Influence of tho insect's puncture, 67—The supposed male of ..."

3. Report of the Secretary of Agriculture by United States Dept. of Agriculture (1884)
"THE grape phylloxera IN ... New York, and as to whether the grape phylloxera (Phylloxera vastatrix) had anything to do with such diseased condition, ..."

4. Agriculture for Beginners by Charles William Burkett, Frank Lincoln Stevens, Daniel Harvey Hill (1914)
"The grape phylloxera. The grape phylloxera is a serious pest. You have no doubt seen its galls upon the grape leaf. These galls are caused by a small louse, ..."

5. The Popular Science Monthly (1874)
"We have, in the history of the grape Phylloxera, the singular spectacle of an indigenous American insect being studied, and its workings understood in a ..."

6. Manual of Fruit Insects by Mark Vernon Slingerland, Cyrus Richard Crosby (1914)
"THE grape phylloxera Phylloxera vastatrix Planchon This destructive plant-louse is a ... The life history of the grape phylloxera is a complicated one. ..."

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