Definition of Grass parakeet

1. Noun. Small Australian parakeet usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild but bred in many colors.

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Literary usage of Grass parakeet

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1. The Cambridge Natural History by Sidney Frederic Harmer, Arthur Everett Shipley (1899)
"The name Grass-Parakeet is shared with Neophema of Southern Australia and Tasmania, distinguished by a blue frontal band sometimes extending around the eyes ..."

2. Orr's Circle of the Sciences: A Series of Treatises on the Principles of by William Somerville Orr (1855)
"The beautiful little grass parakeet?, also inhabitants of Australia, aro to a considerable extent terrestrial in their habits ; but less so than the bird ..."

3. Guide to the Systematic Use of the North American Bird and Nature Study: A by Harold Brough Shinn, Gerard Alan Abbott (1912)
"AUSTRALIAN grass parakeet. Melopsittacus undulatus. 6.5 in. The interesting Australian grass parakeet is a native of Australia as indicated by its ..."

4. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1918)
"... all parts of the world, and goes by a great variety of names, among which "zebra," "shell," and "warbling grass-parakeet" are perhaps the most common. ..."

5. The National Zoological Park: A Popular Account of Its Collections by Ned Hollister (1919)
"... or Australian grass parakeet (Melopsittacus undulatus). This species breeds in captivity, nesting in a small box placed within its inclosure. ..."

6. The Birds of Jamaica: Being a History of the Bird, Its Structure, and Habits by Philip Henry Gosse, Alfred Edmund Brehm, Richard Hill (1874)
"The male and female grass Parakeet (Melopsittacus undulatus) chirp together and caress each other in the prettiest way imaginable. ..."

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