Definition of Green broom

1. Noun. Deciduous erect spreading broom native to western Europe; widely cultivated for its rich yellow flowers.

Exact synonyms: Common Broom, Cytisus Scoparius, Scotch Broom
Group relationships: Cytisus, Genus Cytisus
Generic synonyms: Broom

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Literary usage of Green broom

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. One Hundred English Folksongs by Cecil James Sharp (1916)
"VOICE PIANO 49 green broom Collected and arranged by CECIL J. SHARP Andante legando Jp 1. There was an old man and he Jack he did rise and did John he came ..."

2. The Universal Etymological English Dictionary:: Containing an Additional Nathan Bailey by Nathan Bailey (1737)
"... ie Green-broom, a Plant or Sulk of the Plant called Green-broom] a Surname wf ... Greenbroom ..."

3. Wit and Mirth: Or Pills to Purge Melancholy: Being a Collection of the Best by Henry Playford, Thomas D'Urfey (1720)
"... and sorely perplext, with Passion he entered the Room ; Come Sirrah, he cry'd, I'll liquor your Hide, if you will not go gather green Broom, ..."

4. The Modern Practice of Physic: Exhibiting the Characters, Causes, Symptoms by Robert Thomas (1813)
"if is another diuretic, and may be com* bined • ¡ih other medicines of this clase. Л decoction of green broom, drank in large quantities, is also a diuretic ..."

5. Popular British Ballads, Ancient and Modern by Reginald Brimley Johnson (1894)
"So Johnny arose, and he slipped on his clothes, And away to the wood to cut broom, green broom ; He sharpened his knives, for once he contrives To cut a ..."

6. The Minstrelsy of England: A Collection of 200 English Songs with Their by Frank Kidson, Alfred Moffat (1901)
"Broom, green broom. •+••£••*- -m- 1. There was an H 3— -i— 2. The fath-er was vext and sore-ly per - plext, With pag-sion he entered the man and he lived in ..."

7. The English and Scottish Popular Ballads by George Lyman Kittredge (1884)
"... September, 1858, gives tlu-se stanzas: " Then when she went to the green broom field, ... and a green laurel bough, And a green broom under his ieet. ..."

8. New Zealand Driving Holidays: 29 New Zealand Holiday Itineraries and Touring by Donna Blaber (2005)
"Dark-green broom forms a rich backdrop to shaggy cinnamon-brown tussock, while snow-frosted mountains of all shapes and sizes are dramatic bystanders in ..."

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