Medical Definition of Haemoglobin Lepore

1. A group of abnormal Hb's with normal a chains, but the non-a chains consist of the N-terminal portion of the d chain joined to the C-terminal portion of the b chain, apparently as the result of nonhomologous pairing and crossing over between the genes for b and d chains. The major types are Hb LeporeBoston (identical to Hb LeporeWashington), Hb LeporeHollandia, and Hb LeporeBaltimore, which differ in the region of crossing over (d87-b116, d22-b50, and d50-b86, respectively). Heterozygotes form about 10% Hb Lepore, normal amounts of Hb A2, and moderately increased amounts of Hb F and usually have mild anaemia, microcytosis, and hypochromia; homozygotes form only Hb Lepore and Hb F and have severe anaemia. Compare: haemoglobin Anti-Lepore. (05 Mar 2000)

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