Definition of Haith

1. by my faith [interj]

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haith (current term)

Literary usage of Haith

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Publications of the Thoresby Society by Thoresby Society (1891)
"... 4 saith y'he haith caried) in lyke manor / xl lodes "It'm Rout Moxon ... y* he haith caried) •• in lyke тай "It'm the seid Tames saith that ho haith ..."

2. Robert Laneham's Letter: Describing a Part of the Entertainment Unto Queen by Robert Laneham (1907)
"... Be-vayle my deth, I wott ; And he that love me beste, hyme seife my deth haith ... To hyme that is my deth Yff that no harto haith he, my harte his ..."

3. The Poets and Poetry of Scotland: From the Earliest to the Present Time by James Grant Wilson (1875)
"... merk To pay the nurse's fee: He took a wee horn frae his side, And blew haith loud and shrill. And t'our-and-twenty belted knights Came skipping o'er ..."

4. A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall (1859)
"No Freshman shall go away when he haith been sent of an errand before he be dismissed, which may be understood by Baying, it is well, I thank you, ..."

5. Early Yorkshire Schools by Arthur Francis Leach (1899)
"he haith knowne the said scole erected and founded by the space of ... as Richard Battey and others haith said. Item to the firste [etc. ..."

6. The Domesday of Inclosures, 1517-1518: Being the Extant Returns to Chancery by Royal Historical Society (Great Britain), Great Britain Court of Chancery, Great Britain Commissioners of Inclosures, 1517-1518, Isaac Saunders Leadam (1897)
"ALSO thei say that lohn Bullok of the same draper haith enclosed thcr the ... late of the said Town haith sith the said ..."

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