Definition of Ham sandwich

1. Noun. A sandwich made with a filling of sliced ham.

Generic synonyms: Sandwich

Definition of Ham sandwich

1. Noun. A sandwich made with ham. ¹

2. Noun. (American English) Something utterly commonplace, of modest value. ¹

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Literary usage of Ham sandwich

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Roughing It by Mark Twain (2001)
"ORIGINAL ham sandwich. Around a small shanty was collected a crowd of natives buying the awa root. It is said that but for the use ..."

2. London by Charles Knight (1843)
"... or the ' Baked tato ' man, whose steaming apparatus glistens before us; or the 'Ham-sandwich' man, who encounters us on leaving a theatre. ..."

3. Typical Newspaper Stories by Harry Franklin Harrington (1915)
"He took another bite of the ham sandwich. " Say," he said, " I '11 bet lots of guys would like a sandwich like this and haven't time to go down town after ..."

4. Werner's Readings and Recitations (1915)
"In Chicago, the ham-sandwich has been used as a cpat- of-arms. It's a beautiful thing to ... In that citv the ham-sandwich denotes peace without a squeal. ..."

5. London labour and the London poor: Cyclopædia of the Condition and Earnings by Henry Mayhew (1861)
"... a few v« the original ham-sandwich." The capital -'if mustard was all that was required, and 'linda of ham, a proportion of loaves, and a could not be ..."

6. The Up-to-date Sandwich Book: 400 Ways to Make a Sandwich by Eva Greene Fuller (1909)
"ham sandwich NO. 4 One pound of cold boiled ham run through fine knife or meat ... HOT ham sandwich Spread thin slices of white bread with chopped cold ..."

7. Macmillan's Magazine by David Masson, George Grove, John Morley, Mowbray Morris (1864)
"Would you believe it, I was so foolish as to take soda-water and brandy instead of seltzer and brandy that forenoon along with my ham-sandwich ? ..."

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