Definition of Hard lead

1. Noun. A lead alloy that contains about 5% antimony.

Exact synonyms: Antimonial Lead
Generic synonyms: Atomic Number 82, Lead, Pb
Specialized synonyms: Grid Metal

2. Noun. Unrefined lead that is hard because of the impurities it contains.
Generic synonyms: Atomic Number 82, Lead, Pb

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Literary usage of Hard lead

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1894)
"... may be regarded as the maximum ever found in commercial " hard lead." To inaugurate this scheme of testing, it is necessary to carefully make the whole ..."

2. The Metallurgy of Lead: Including Desilverisartion and Cupellation by John Percy (1870)
"Soon afterwards, the first cargoes of the now well-known Spanish hard lead arrived at Liverpool ; but the smelters there would not parcha« them, ..."

3. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of Other Sciences by Henry Watts (1871)
"The hard lead is melted in the pot, a, which is heated by the fire, 4. ... This form of furnace possesses great advantages when softening extra-hard lead, ..."

4. Metallurgy: The Art of Extracting Metals from Their Ores by John Percy (1880)
"NOTE ON THE LIQUATION OF hard lead. • As it is not improbable that some of the purchasers of this volume may possess the volume on the Metallurgy of Lead, ..."

5. The Principles of Inorganic Chemistry by Wilhelm Ostwald (1904)
"hard lead. — When antimony is fused with lead, the alloy is much harder than lead, and is known as hard lead. Another alloy of antimony and lead is known as ..."

6. Handbook of Metallurgy by Carl Schnabel (1905)
"10-00 4-50 476 12-70 25-15 1-95 scums from the purification of hard lead in ... Abstrich from the hard lead in the tap hearth. scums from pig lead (the ..."

7. The Metallurgy of Lead and the Desilverization of Base Bullion by Heinrich Oscar Hofman (1899)
"Smelting the slag again in the ore blast furnace -would briu£ the antimony back to the base bullion, aud with every smelting of hard lead fresh ore slag ..."

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