Definition of Hard fern

1. Noun. Any of several ferns of the genus Blechnum.

Generic synonyms: Fern
Group relationships: Blechnum, Genus Blechnum
Specialized synonyms: Blechnum Spicant, Deer Fern

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Literary usage of Hard fern

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of British Ferns by Edward Newman (1854)
"hard fern, (one-fifth the natural size). Genus.—BLECHNUM. Midvein distinct, lateral veins anastomosing in a linear series on each side, parallel to the ..."

2. Chambers' Edinburgh Journal by Robert Chambers, William Chambers (1851)
"Now the roots in the hard fern are black, tough, and wiry; the rhizoma is tufted—that is, above ground—and hairy ; the rachis of the fertile frond dark ..."

3. The fern paradise: a plea for the culture of ferns by Francis George Heath (1878)
"THE hard fern. Blechnum spicant. PLATE 1, Fio. 4. ... not so graceful as most of the British Ferns, there is a rigid elegance about the hard fern. ..."

4. A Practical Guide to Garden Plants by John Weathers (1901)
"This is our native hard fern, having stout creeping rootstocks, and erect or spreading leathery bright green pinnate and pinnatifid fronds, with polished ..."

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