Definition of High-ceilinged

1. Adjective. Having a higher than normal ceiling.

Similar to: Ceilinged

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Literary usage of High-ceilinged

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Color Value by Chandler Robbins Clifford (1907)
"... to secure broken heights: In a high- ceilinged room the furniture must not be all high; in a low-ceilinged room the furniture must not be all low. ..."

2. Light's Labour's Lost: Policies for Energy-Efficient Lighting by Paul Waide, Satoshi Tanishima, International Energy Agency (2006)
"... lighting system for high-ceilinged indoor and outdoor facilities. Since the CRI of the eco-cera lamp is as high as 90, close to that of natural light, ..."

3. Journal of Applied Microscopy by Bausch & Lomb Optical Company (1903)
"It is, however, possible to produce an architectural effect of much dignity by making the top-story high-ceilinged (?), as is seen in the completed wing of ..."

4. A History of Nursing: The Evolution of Nursing Systems from the Earliest by Mary Adelaide Nutting, Lavinia L. Dock (1907)
"In the high-ceilinged wards, whose walls are stately with their glazed tiling, stand at one end the Altar and the ..."

5. Women and the Trades by Elizabeth Beardsley Butler (1909)
"The long high-ceilinged room is keyed to quick production. The power carries with it its own tenseness. The operators feel the spur and never relax. ..."

6. The New York Times Current History (1917)
"Upstairs sentries stole through the high- ceilinged halls. In the rooms just above, just below, and on either side of the Kaiser chamber Secret Service men ..."

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