Definition of Hiltless

1. having no hilt [adj]

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Literary usage of Hiltless

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The War in Eastern Europe by John Reed (1916)
"At the other end of the table a captain of Ataman- ski Cossacks, his narrow eyes glowing, was saying: "You have seen the hiltless Cossack sword? ..."

2. Varia: Readings from Rare Books by James Hain Friswell (1866)
"It is a hiltless sword which, though it pierces the antagonist, cuts the hands of him who wields it. A turn for satire verse has ruined more poets than one. ..."

3. Varia: Readings from Rare Books by James Hain Friswell (1866)
"It has happened, however, by a natural consequence, that satire is the most dangerous of all weapons to him who uses it. It is a hiltless sword which, ..."

4. The Story of a Soldier's Life by Garnet Wolseley Wolseley (1903)
"His weapon is the dah, or native hiltless sword, and any sort of old musket. A cloth fastened round him contains his rice, and the pot to boil it in is ..."

5. Potter's American Monthly (1880)
"A LIE is a hiltless sword, which is sure to cut the hand of him who strikes with it. It is better to find this out at first than afterward. ..."

6. Trial by Combat by George Neilson (1891)
"But managing to pick up his hiltless blade, and grasping it with two fingers, Godwin pierced Orgar in the eye, cut his head open, and so sorely wounded him ..."

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