Definition of Hilts

1. Noun. (plural of hilt) ¹

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Definition of Hilts

1. hilt [v] - See also: hilt

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Literary usage of Hilts

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms Belonging to Families in Great by John Woody Papworth (1874)
"Az. two swords in saltire points upwards arg. hilts or. GAEB. ... Gu. two swords in saltire arg. points upwards hilts and ..."

2. The industrial arts of Denmark, from the earliest times to the Danish by Jens Jacob A. Worsaae (1882)
"Other hilts (Fig 191, 192) are entirely mounted in silver. FIG. 187. (J.) FIG. 188. ft.) FIG. 189. ..) FIG. 190. ..."

3. The Ancient Bronze Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great Britain and by John Evans (1881)
"CHAPTER X. DAGGERS AND THEIR hilts. RAPIER-SHAPED BLADES. AMONG all uncivilised, if not indeed among all civilised nations, arms of offence take a far ..."

4. My First Holiday; Or, Letters Home from Colorado, Utah, and California. by Caroline Wells Healey Dall (1881)
"I found to-day at Shreve's a collection of bronze buttons from old sword-hilts that was very fine. San Francisco, Oct. 28, 1880. ..."

5. The Sunday Magazine by Thomas Guthrie, William Garden Blaikie, Benjamin Waugh (1877)
"... play lightly with the gilded hilts of their rapiers ; every now and then their heads bow in stately homage to some highly-favoured lady in the carriages ..."

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