Definition of Historic period

1. Noun. An era of history having some distinctive feature. "We live in a litigious age"

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Literary usage of Historic period

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nature by Norman Lockyer (1877)
"... to have occurred within the historic period, although no mention of volcanic disturbances in this district is to be found in the annab of the island. ..."

2. Source Book of the History of Education for the Greek and Roman Period by Paul Monroe (1915)
"This development constitutes the history of Greek education. The Sources relating to the historic period of Old Greek ..."

3. An Introduction to the Industrial History of England by Abbott Payson Usher (1920)
"GREECE The rise of Greek civilization takes place within the general limits of the historic period, so that we catch glimpses of the development ..."

4. The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal by Stephen Denison Peet (1904)
"As to the date at which the historic period began, there is much unc ... though in these latter regions tt.e proto-historic period began at an early date, ..."

5. Cave Hunting: Researches on the Evidence of Caves Respecting the Early by William Boyd Dawkins (1874)
"Definition of historic period.—Wild Animals in Britain during the historic period. ... The Cave of Long-berry Bank. Definition of historic period. ..."

6. The Acropolis of Athens by Martin Luther D'Ooge (1909)
"CHAPTER II THE EARLIEST historic period DOWN TO THE PERSIAN DESTRUCTION "And (Athena) came to Marathon and Athens with its spacious streets, And entered the ..."

7. Through Siberia by Henry Lansdell (1882)
"Russian mission at Peking.—Affairs on the Amur during Russian exclusion.—Third historic period from 1847.—Preparatory operations on Lower Amur. ..."

8. Through Siberia by Henry Lansdell (1882)
"Russian mission at Peking. — Affairs on the Amur during Russian exclusion. — Third historic period from 1847. — Preparatory operations on Lower Amur. ..."

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