Definition of Hockey player

1. Noun. An athlete who plays hockey.

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Literary usage of Hockey player

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Century and a Half of Pittsburg and Her People by John Newton Boucher, John Woolf Jordan (1908)
"uated at the Pittsburg Academy in 1906, and has come to be a noted athlete and hockey player. 3. Marie E. 4. Clara M. JOHN EDWARD YOUNG, chief millwright in ..."

2. The Badminton Magazine of Sports & Pastimes edited by Alfred Edward Thomas Watson (1901)
"The skill of a good hockey-player is a delightful thing to see; ... And hockey has this advantage over football, that the hockey-player can devote his feet ..."

3. Parenthood and Race Culture: An Outline of Eugenics by Caleb Williams Saleeby (1909)
"To take an instance, which the reader may very likely think trivial and absurd, I have witnessed in my brief career as a hockey player, two unions most ..."

4. An Inverted Sort of Prayer by Chris F. Needham (2006)
"By now I was beginning to collect die usual amount of attention from the various occupants of the bar, that kind of attention a bona fide hockey player ..."

5. Education by Project Innovation (Organization) (1903)
"Whereas in football a player may defend his goal or play for his side on any part of the field, the Field hockey player must be very careful to keep within ..."

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