Definition of Hockey puck

1. Noun. A vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey.

Exact synonyms: Puck
Generic synonyms: Disc, Disk

Definition of Hockey puck

1. Noun. (ice hockey) A small black flat roundel of hardened rubber used as a playing piece in ice hockey to score points by moving the puck into the opponent's goal net. ¹

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Literary usage of Hockey puck

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Technical Mechanics, Statics and Dynamics by Edward Rose Maurer (1917)
"For example, concerning the motion of a hockey puck projected without spin along the surface of smooth ice, it is stated sometimes that the puck is urged on ..."

2. Battle for Ulster: A Study of Internal Security by Tom F. Baldy (1997)
"A plastic bullet is cylindrical, four inches long, and about as hard as a hockey puck. their determination and courage "in bringing the three deceased men ..."

3. The Organization and Administration of Physical Education by Jesse Feiring Williams (1922)
"Dive or jump off tower, or pick up hockey puck. ELECTIVE Life-Saving; Advanced Swimming (all strokes). Physical efficiency tests are used at Barnard College ..."

4. Analytical Mechanics for Students of Physics and Engineering by Haroutune Mugurditch Dadourian (1915)
"In order to find the correct answer to the second question let us consider a block moving on a horizontal but imperfectly smooth plane, a hockey puck on a ..."

5. Reclaiming the Maimed: A Handbook of Physical Therapy by Robert Tait McKenzie (1918)
"The bicycle trainer with an increasing load of distance or friction. General exercises : walking, \n\\ football or hockey puck, ..."

6. Violence in California Prisons: A Proposal for Research Into Patterns and Cures by James Gilligan (2001)
"Officers are trained to skip the hockey puck-like projectiles off the ground, the official said, because from a range of less than 10 feet the projectiles ..."

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