Definition of Horizontal parallax

1. Noun. The maximum parallax observed when the celestial body is at the horizon.

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Literary usage of Horizontal parallax

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Sun by Amédée Guillemin (1875)
"How to measure an inaccessible Distance ; horizontal Parallax—Measure of the Sun's Parallax ; the Method used by Aristarchus of Samos ; Oppositions of Mars ..."

2. A Treatise on Practical Astronomy, as Applied to Geodesy and Navigation by Charles Leander Doolittle (1890)
"THE horizontal parallax is the parallax when the star is seen in the horizon. ... PROBLEM I. To find the equatorial horizontal parallax of a star at a given ..."

3. The American Practical Navigator: Being an Epitome of Navigation and by Nathaniel Bowditch, George Wood Logan (1906)
"75, in which z — apparent zenith distance, the sun's horizontal parallax being 8".75. It is explained in article 304, Chapter X. TABLE 17: PARALLAX OF ..."

4. The New American Practical Navigator: Being an Epitome of Navigation by Nathaniel Bowditch (1826)
"Tlie moon's horizontal parallax is given in the 7lh pace of the month of the 'Nautical Almanac, for every noon and midnight at the mc- ridian of ..."

5. A Text-book of General Astronomy for Colleges and Scientific Schools by Charles Augustus Young (1898)
"horizontal parallax. — When a body is at the horizon (Ph in the figure), then £ becomes 90°, and sin £=1. Jn this case the parallax reaches its maximum ..."

6. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society by Royal Astronomical Society (1855)
"The sine of this augmented horizontal parallax would then have to be multiplied by the sine of the observed zenith distance. It is true that such a table ..."

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