Definition of Hostesses

1. Noun. (plural of hostess) ¹

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Definition of Hostesses

1. hostess [v] - See also: hostess

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Literary usage of Hostesses

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dancing by Frazer (Lily Grove), Percy Macquoid (1895)
"CHAPTER XVI BALLS: hostesses AND GUESTS BY THE COUNTESS OF ANCASTER THERE can be no ... Modern taste and appliances enable hostesses to make a far more ..."

2. Across Chrysê: Being the Narrative of a Journey of Exploration Through the by Archibald Ross Colquhoun (1883)
"Kindness to children—Hospitality—Buxom hostesses—Power of a cheerful ... At the restaurant the hostesses were nearly always good-natured bouncing creatures, ..."

3. Manners and Rules of Good Society: Or, Solecisms to be Avoided by Member of the aristocracy (1913)
"There are varieties of hostesses, according to individual capabilities, and who are known amongst their friends by these appellations : first ranks the ..."

4. France from Behind the Veil: Fifty Years of Social and Political Life by Catherine Radziwill (1914)
"... FEW PROMINENT PARISIAN hostesses AMONG the great ladies who began to receive society in their ancestral houses during the presidency of Marshal MacMahon ..."

5. On the South African Frontier: The Adventures and Observations of an by William Harvey Brown (1899)
"... Cordial Reception—An Invitation to Dine—Attire and Personal Appearance of my hostesses— A Mashona Hut and its Furnishings—The Dinner—Matrimonial ..."

6. An Epistle to Posterity: Being Rambling Recollections of Many Years of My Life by Mary Elizabeth Wilson Sherwood (1897)
"... Years Ago—Social and Geographical Changes — Grace Church and "Old Brown" —Three of New York's Distinguished hostesses—Mrs. Roberta's Dinner to President ..."

7. Inside History of the White House: The Complete History of the Domestic and by Gilson Willets (1908)
"... CHAPTER DC Early White House hostesses NINETEEN wives of the Presidents have performed duties of "First Lady" of the land, of White House mistress and ..."

8. The Reminiscences of Lady Dorothy Nevill by Dorothy Nevill, Ralph Nevill (1906)
"... Empress Eugénie—Some dear friends—Abraham Hay ward and his bad French — Two great hostesses, Lady Waldegrave and Lady Molesworth— Charles Dickens. MR. ..."

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