Definition of Hot cereal

1. Noun. A cereal that is served hot.

Generic synonyms: Cereal
Specialized synonyms: Cornmeal Mush, Mush, Grits, Hominy Grits, Kasha, Frumenty

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Literary usage of Hot cereal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics by Mass Boston Cooking School (Boston, Boston Cooking School (Boston, Mass.) (1914)
"Menus for Children (7 to 18 years of age) Breakfast Sliced bananas (very ripe) hot cereal, Thin Cream Hot Bacon (Broiled in the Oven) Sandwiches (stale ..."

2. The Home and Its Management: A Handbook in Homemaking, with Three Hundred by Mabel Hyde Kittredge (1918)
"Fill cereal dish with hot cereal. All is now ready to serve — cocoa, cereal, bread, butter. Sample Meal. No. 2. Cream Toast, with or without Cheese. ..."

3. Cooking for Two: A Handbook for Young Housekeepers by Hill, Janet McKenzie (1909)
"Serve very hot. CEREAL WITH CHEESE 1 pint of boiling water y3 cup of Cream of Wheat or J/2 teaspoonful of salt similar cereal J4 pound of grated ..."

4. Practical Cooking and Serving: A Complete Manual of how to Select, Prepare by Janet McKenzie Hill (1902)
"Bananas may be sliced without cooking, and then served with the hot cereal; but even these will be found to be more agreeable, if they be cooked. ..."

5. Lessons in Cookery by Frances Elizabeth Stewart (1919)
"Place them in bottom of cereal bowl, then add hot cereal. Place them on top of cereal after it is served. Place them in molds, add cereal, and chill. ..."

6. Reports Received by the Joint Distribution Committtee of Funds for Jewish by Felix Moritz Warburg (1916)
"... white bread and some hot cereal or soup with meat, etc., can be had, such school lunch could be supplied for at an average of 10 k. per child. ..."

7. Food and Health: An Elementary Textbook of Home Making by Helen Kinne, Anna Maria Cooley (1916)
"Look back at the lesson on fruit and see what else might go into the hot cereal. Eating cereal. We should eat our cereal slowly, instead of bolting it. ..."

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