Definition of Hot chocolate

1. Noun. A beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot.

Exact synonyms: Chocolate, Cocoa, Drinking Chocolate
Terms within: Cocoa
Generic synonyms: Beverage, Drink, Drinkable, Potable

Definition of Hot chocolate

1. Noun. A warm beverage made of chocolate and water or milk, often drunk during cold weather. ¹

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Literary usage of Hot chocolate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Rumford Complete Cookbook by Lily Haxworth Wallace, Rumford Chemical Works (1908)
"Cook five minutes and pour over the stiffly-beaten white of egg, stirring constantly while this is being done. Serve at once. hot chocolate ..."

2. Rigby's Reliable Candy Teacher: With Complete and Modern Soda, Ice Cream and by Will O. Rigby, Fred Rigby (1920)
"Some people like hot chocolate sweeter than others so sugar should also be ... hot chocolate (To be served in an urn) pounds sugar pounds cocoa Mix these ..."

3. Bulletin of Pharmacy (1909)
"Chocolate Syrup for hot chocolate. DLR—Accordin to the American Druggist most of the ... In serving hot chocolate, most dispensers agree that about one ..."

4. Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes by Emma McKinney, William McKinney (1922)
"hot chocolate One and one-half squares of Baker's Chocolate, ... An excellent substitute for whipped cream to serve with hot chocolate is marshmallows. ..."

5. Miss Parloa's Kitchen Companion: A Guide for All who Would be Good Housekeepers by Maria Parloa (1887)
"Whisk well, and then pour into a hot chocolate jug. ... Beat with the whisk for three minutes, and serve in a hot chocolate jug or pitcher. ..."

6. Daily Paragraph Editing: Volume 2: Student Practice Book by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers (2007)
"Write directions for fixing a simple food like cinnamon toast, hot chocolate, or an ice-cream sundae. Remember to use periods at the end of shortened words ..."

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