Definition of Hunting spider

1. Noun. Ground spider that hunts its prey instead of using a web.

Exact synonyms: Wolf Spider
Generic synonyms: Spider
Group relationships: Family Lycosidae, Lycosidae
Specialized synonyms: European Wolf Spider, Lycosa Tarentula, Tarantula

Definition of Hunting spider

1. Noun. a spider that hunts its prey on the ground instead of catching it in a web ¹

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Literary usage of Hunting spider

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Natural History of Insects by James Rennie, John Obadiah Westwood (1833)
"Its Spinning Apparatus—The Wet—The Hawk-Spider—The Garden Spider—The Water-Spider~-The Hunting-Spider—Gossamer-Spider —Fen-Spider—Attachment of the Spider ..."

2. The Journal of Microscopy and Natural Science: The Journal of the Postal by Allen, Postal Microscopical Society (1884)
"The Zebra Hunting-Spider—Salticus scenicus, $.—What a treat it was to us, as boys, to watch these fellows on the steps leading up to our father's warehouse, ..."

3. Mind in Animals by Ludwig Büchner (1880)
"The largest and most dreaded of all the spiders is the tropical bird-catching or hunting-spider (Mygale avicularia), belonging to the family of the ..."

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