Definition of Hydrating

1. Verb. (present participle of hydrate) ¹

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Definition of Hydrating

1. hydrate [v] - See also: hydrate

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Literary usage of Hydrating

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science (1906)
"perature coefficient of conductivity, then we should expect to find those ions with the largest hydrating power having the largest temperature coefficients ..."

2. The Absorption Spectra of Solutions as Studied by Means of the by Harry Clary Jones (1915)
"The effect of adding a salt with strong hydrating power to a solution of another strongly hydrated salt was worked out by Jones and Stine.1 The effect of ..."

3. The Limestone Resources and the Lime Industry in Ohio by Edward Orton, Samuel Vernon Peppel (1906)
"Recent court decisions also indicate that patents on processes for slaking or hydrating lime can have but little value. Such, however, need not be the case ..."

4. The Infinitive in Anglo-Saxon by Morgan Callaway (1913)
"While discussing the hydrating powers of different ions, the following relation should be pointed out. Jones and Pearce,* after calling attention to the ..."

5. The Freezing-point Lowering, Conductivity, and Viscosity of Solutions of by Harry Clary Jones (1913)
"From these results it therefore appears probable that the hydrating power of a salt is dependent chiefly upon the cation. ..."

6. Elements of the Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates by Gustav Mann, Walther Löb, Henry William Frederic Lorenz, Robert Wiedersheim, William Newton Parker, Thomas Jeffery Parker, Harry Clary Jones, Sunao Tawara, Leverett White Brownell, Max Julius Louis Le Blanc, Willis Rodney Whitney, John Wesley Brown, Wi (1907)
"The substances included in Table I have very slight hydrating power. Those in Table II have very much greater hydrating power. It will be remembered that ..."

7. The Elements of Physical Chemistry by Harry Clary Jones (1915)
"The substances included in Table I have very slight hydrating power. Those in Table II have very much greater hydrating power. It will be remembered that ..."

8. Hydrates in Aqueous Solution: Evidence for the Existence of Hydrates in by Harry Clary Jones, Frederick Hutton Getman, Harry Preston Bassett, Leroy McMaster, Horace Scudder Uhler (1907)
"The hydrating power of the above double chloride is essentially the hydrating ... The large hydrating power of both of these salts is due primarily to the ..."

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