Definition of Hydrator

1. one that hydrates [n -S] - See also: hydrates

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Literary usage of Hydrator

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hydrated Lime: History, Manufacture and Uses in Plaster, Mortar, Concrete; a by Ellis Warren Lazell (1915)
"CLYDE hydrator REANEY PROCESS A weighed amount of the lime is introduced into the upper end of a cylinder, which is slightly inclined from the horizontal. ..."

2. Materials of Construction: Their Manufacture and Properties by Adelbert Philo Mills (1922)
"The Kritzer continuous process hydrator (Fig. 9), consists of a number of cylinders, ... The Kritzer Continuous hydrator. around a central shaft. ..."

3. Industrial Chemistry: A Manual for the Student and Manufacturer by Allen Rogers (1920)
"The Clyde hydrator is a batch machine, in which a given quantity of lime—usually one ton—is placed. To this is added the proper quantity of water by means ..."

4. The Limestone Resources and the Lime Industry in Ohio by Edward Orton, Samuel Vernon Peppel (1906)
"The American Hydrating Company's hydrator, sometimes called the "Reaney hydrator," consists of an inclined cylinder, mounted on rollers similar to the ..."

5. Proceedings of the Annual Convention (1911)
"Elevate from this bin to small hopper over the hydrate bins so placed that you can drop your charges into the hydrator. Our hydrator consists of four of the ..."

6. Industrial Chemistry: For Engineering Students by Henry Kreitzer Benson (1913)
"In this condition it is fed into the mechanical hydrator, where the oxide is converted into a ... Kritzer Lime hydrator. » types of apparatus are in use, ..."

7. Bulletin by Geological Survey of Alabama (1921)
"... electric power; fire proof plant; rotary hydrator being installed; dump car un- loaders; ... silica brick linings in all new type kilns; pan hydrator. ..."

8. Bulletin by Ohio Division of Geological Survey, Ohio State Geologist (1906)
"Reaney hydrator. Peppel. Illustration and description of the Reaney hydrator. O. Geol. Sur., Bull. No. 4, pp. 331-32. Reinforced Concrete. Eno. Early use. ..."

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