Definition of Ignite

1. Verb. Cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat. "Light a cigarette"

Exact synonyms: Light
Causes: Burn, Combust
Specialized synonyms: Fire Up, Light, Light Up, Reignite, Conflagrate, Enkindle, Inflame, Kindle, Light Up, Flare Up
Generic synonyms: Burn, Combust
Antonyms: Extinguish
Derivative terms: Ignitable, Igniter, Igniter, Ignitible, Ignition, Ignition, Ignitor, Ignitor, Light, Lighter, Lighter

2. Verb. Start to burn or burst into flames. "The oily rags combusted spontaneously"
Exact synonyms: Catch Fire, Combust, Conflagrate, Erupt, Take Fire
Generic synonyms: Change State, Turn
Specialized synonyms: Blow Out, Catch, Light Up
Related verbs: Burn, Combust
Derivative terms: Combustible, Combustive, Ignitable, Ignitible, Ignition

3. Verb. Arouse or excite feelings and passions. "Wake old feelings of hatred"
Exact synonyms: Fire Up, Heat, Inflame, Stir Up, Wake
Generic synonyms: Arouse, Elicit, Enkindle, Evoke, Fire, Kindle, Provoke, Raise
Specialized synonyms: Ferment
Derivative terms: Heat, Inflaming, Inflammation, Inflammatory

Definition of Ignite

1. v. t. To kindle or set on fire; as, to ignite paper or wood.

2. v. i. To take fire; to begin to burn.

Definition of Ignite

1. Verb. (transitive) to set fire to (something), to light (something) ¹

2. Verb. (transitive) to spark off (something), to enthuse ¹

3. Verb. (intransitive) to commence burning. ¹

¹ Source:

Definition of Ignite

1. to set on fire [v -NITED, -NITING, -NITES]

Medical Definition of Ignite

1. 1. To kindle or set on fire; as, to ignite paper or wood. 2. To subject to the action of intense heat; to heat strongly; often said of incombustible or infusible substances; as, to ignite iron or platinum. Origin: L. Ignitus, p.p. Of ignire to ignite, fr. Ignis fire. See Igneous. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Ignite

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Spons' Dictionary of Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Military, and Naval by Edward Spon, Oliver Byrne (1872)
"Many of the cartridges failed to ignite. Second 100 rounds. The seventy-fifth cartridge failed to ignite, after which twelve cartridges were tried, ..."

2. Steam, Its Generation and Use by Babcock & Wilcox Company (1913)
"To burn these gases distilled from the coal, it is necessary that they be brought into contact with air sufficiently heated to cause them to ignite, ..."

3. The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial ScienceChemistry (1899)
"The residue from the evaporation does not ignite spontaneously, ... The final residue does not ignite either spontaneously or on the approach of a flame. ..."

4. Standard Methods of Chemical Analysis: A Manual of Analytical Methods and by Wilfred Welday Scott (1917)
"Finally ignite in hydrogen, cool in COj and weigh. The insoluble residue from the ... OH, ignite and weigh as ..."

5. Select Methods in Quantitative Analysis, Chiefly Inorganic: Chiefly Inorganic by Byron William Cheever (1905)
"Filter, wash well, dry, ignite and weigh. The precipitate may contain small amounts of alumina and phosphoric acid. Mr. Textor advises a second fusion of ..."

6. Standards and Tests for Reagent Chemicals by Benjamin Lindley Murray (1920)
"Evaporate 20 mils of the solution remaining in the test for silver, and ignite and weigh the residue. The weight should not exceed 0.005 gm. ..."

7. The Chemical Analysis of Iron: A Complete Account of All the Best Known by Andrew Alexander Blair (1918)
"Treat the ignited precipitate with hydrofluoric acid and a drop or two of sulphuric acid, evaporate to dryness, ignite, and weigh again. ..."

8. Bulletin by Kentucky Geological Survey (1907)
"ignite and weigh as silica. Add to silica found above. Filtrate 2. ... ignite and weigh as iron and alumina. Add weight to that found in column II. ..."

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