Definition of Igniter

1. Noun. A substance used to ignite or kindle a fire.

Exact synonyms: Ignitor, Lighter
Specialized synonyms: Firelighter, Kindling, Punk, Spunk, Tinder, Touchwood, Punk
Generic synonyms: Fuel
Derivative terms: Ignite, Ignite, Light

2. Noun. A device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires. "Do you have a light?"
Exact synonyms: Ignitor, Light, Lighter
Specialized synonyms: Cigar Lighter, Cigarette Lighter, Pocket Lighter, Fuse, Fusee, Fuze, Fuzee, Primer, Priming, Friction Match, Lucifer, Match, Match
Generic synonyms: Device
Derivative terms: Ignite, Ignite, Light, Light, Light

Definition of Igniter

1. Noun. Any device that is used to ignite something, especially a fuel mixture, or a charge of explosive ¹

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Definition of Igniter

1. one that ignites [n -S] - See also: ignites

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Literary usage of Igniter

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Electric Ignition for Combustion Motors by Forrest Robert Jones (1912)
"The igniter and timer whose elements are shown in the accompanying illustrations ... Wisconsin Engine Company's Electromagnetic igniter with Plunger Cores. ..."

2. The Gas Engine by Forrest Robert Jones (1909)
"This igniter for motors receiving a gaseous charge is, in one form, a piece of steel ... The igniter is heated by a flame before starting the motor. ..."

3. Gasolene Engines; Their Operation, Use and Care: Their Operation, Use and by Alpheus Hyatt Verrill (1912)
"The igniter may be timed to advance or retard the spark by screwing the adjusting ... In the form of igniter illustrated the spark plug is screwed into the ..."

4. Gas Engine Ignition: Prepared in the Extension Division of the University of by Earle Bertram Norris, Robert L. Winning, William C. Weaver (1916)
"igniter Points.—Owing to the fact that the igniter points are subjected to the high heat of the electric spark and also to constant hammering as the circuit ..."

5. Gas and Petroleum Engines: A Practical Treatise on the Internal Combustion by M.E. William Robinson (1890)
"Lenoir's Electric igniter.—Lenoir used the electric spark method of ignition in ... The igniter, Fig. 144, consists of a brass tube V, screwed into the end ..."

6. The Design and Construction of Oil Engines: With Full Directions for by Arthur Hugh Goldingham (1914)
"THE ELECTRIC igniter.—This igniter is described in Chapter I. Failure in operation is generally due to the following causes: BREAKAGE IN ONE OR OTHER OF THE ..."

7. The Horseless Age (1899)
"In this type of igniter the difficulties of the type illustrated in Fig I are ... Any igniter which is actuated by the piston must operate either before or ..."

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