Definition of Imperfect

1. Noun. A tense of verbs used in describing action that is on-going.

2. Adjective. Not perfect; defective or inadequate. "Drainage here is imperfect"

3. Adjective. Wanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings. "Frail humanity"
Exact synonyms: Fallible, Frail, Weak
Similar to: Human
Derivative terms: Imperfectness

Definition of Imperfect

1. a. Not perfect; not complete in all its parts; wanting a part; deective; deficient.

2. n. The imperfect tense; or the form of a verb denoting the imperfect tense.

3. v. t. To make imperfect.

Definition of Imperfect

1. Adjective. Not perfect ¹

2. Adjective. (botany) unisexual: having either male (with stamens) or female (with pistil) flowers, but not with both. ¹

3. Noun. Something having a minor flaw ¹

4. Noun. (grammar) A tense of verbs used in describing a past action that is incomplete or continuous. ¹

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Definition of Imperfect

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Imperfect

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Herbert Arthur Evans, Charles Praetorius (1886)
"... hold that Qi is only an imperfect representation of the play as it appears in Q2, that it is in fact only Q2 ill-edited, and curtailed. ..."

2. The American Journal of Psychology by Granville Stanley Hall, Edward Bradford Titchener (1910)
"associations are imperfectly reproduced, it will be very interesting for our cases to see how many imperfect reproductions are so arranged in the series. ..."

3. Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians by George Grove (1908)
"Greater Hood imperfect. ЕЕ Lesser Mood Perfect. Lesser Mood imperfect. " or ± Combinations of the Greater and Lesser Moods, when both were Perfect, ..."

4. The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the by Charles George Herbermann (1913)
"064), derived from the third person imperfect in such a way as to ... As the Divine name is an imperfect form of the archaic Hebrew verb "to be", ..."

5. An Essay Concerning the Human Understanding by John Locke (1813)
"Either between those that acknowledge themselves to have but imperfect ideas, of one or both of those sorts of things, for which these names are supposed to ..."

6. Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World by Jonathan Swift (1894)
"The Learning of that Countrey very imperfect and confined. The Laws, and military Affairs, and Parties in the State. NOTHING but an extreme Love of Truth ..."

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