Definition of In absentia

1. Adverb. While absent; although absent. "He was sentenced in absentia"

Definition of In absentia

1. Adverb. While not present; while absent ¹

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Literary usage of In absentia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Victory Turned Sour: Human Rights in Kuwait Since Liberation by Middle East Watch (Organization), Middle East Watch (Organization (1991)
"That would include the 44 defendants who were sentenced in absentia by martial-law courts in addition to suspects in other cases. ..."

2. Civil and Political Rights in Croatia by Ivana Nizich, Ċ½eljka Markić, Jeri Laber (1995)
"In interviews with Human Rights Watch/Helsinki representatives, some lawyers and government officials defended in absentia trials, but others did not. ..."

3. The U. N. Role in the Persian Gulf and Iraqi Compliance with U. N. Resolutions by DIANE Publishing Company (1994)
"He pointed out that there are very grave risks that would be posed by a trial in absentia of Saddam Hussein, that the goal ought to be to have Saddam ..."

4. Justice in the Balance: Recommendations for an Independent and Effective by Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Watch (Organization) (1998)
"It is acknowledged that the Human Rights Committee, for example, has expressed the view that trials in absentia are permissible when the accused has been ..."

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